Eric Anderson, CEO

I am honored to confirm that Intentional Software has signed an agreement to be acquired by Microsoft. Joining Microsoft, the global leader in productivity software, provides an exceptional opportunity for Intentional’s technology to reach knowledge workers everywhere. Our team at Intentional is humbled by the chance to expand our technology and realize its greatest value within Microsoft’s Office Product Group led by the visionary Rajesh Jha. It’s a perfect place for Intentional to grow and thrive.

My close friend and Intentional’s founder, Charles Simonyi, has been at the forefront of productivity software development since the beginning. For the last fifteen years, Charles has worked tirelessly as the driving technical force behind Intentional, always thinking about how to make software better.

I am sure he was contemplating concepts for Intentional even during his two visits to the International Space Station.

Charles has always been the visionary thinker behind the Big Idea of Intentional. The opportunity to contribute to Microsoft’s plans for reinventing productivity validates Charles’ hard work, persistence and ideas. We celebrate that with today’s announcement.

Big ideas – like Intentional – fuel innovation and progress. The brilliant and enthusiastic people who work every day creating the technology to advance those big ideas are the ones who make it real. Everyone on the Intentional team should be very proud today. I thank each of you and recognize all of you for your hard work, your patience, and your commitment.

The impact of Charles’ historical contributions reinvented how work is done for millions of people.

In this next chapter, I see the potential for an even greater impact. The world is bigger, more connected, and technology is far more sophisticated and far more accessible.

For Intentional’s amazing team, this is an opportunity of a lifetime. The team here is very grateful and cannot wait to “get to work” with our new colleagues.